Hotline – Live – Kol B’Heichal

Hotline – Live – Kol B’Heichal


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The following shiurim take place at Heichal HaTefilla and are available on the Hotline:

Sunday: 10:00am – Nach Shiur
Monday-Thursday: 7:20am – Gemara Shiur
Friday Morning: 7:30am – Nesivos Sholom Shiur
Friday before the Zman: Short Vort on the Parsha in English for Nushim and anyone interested

The above schedule & time is tentative – please look out for updates or call to confirm

Shabbos Shiurim (not on hotline):

Friday Night – winters only: 9:00pm at the Ruv’s house
Seuda Shlishis: after Mincha